Open house at GIO

GIO held an open house the afternoon of 21 December for all employees in order to inform them about what GIO can do to provide help. An afternoon with mingling, mulled wine, and colourful cupcakes.

Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) was launched in the autumn of 2014 at the university under the leadership of Annika Bergman. Over the course of the year, new people have become tied to GIO, and during this last autumn, two new Research Advisors were employed.

As GIO is relatively new, with several new faces, an open house was organised just before Christmas.

– We wanted to show who is involved with GIO and what we can help out with. It was fun that so many wanted to come and finish up the term with us, says Annika Bergman.

Mulled wine, saffron buns, cupcakes, and a tricky “quiz walk” were offered during the event. Posters with information on how GIO works within its various areas were hung in the corridor.

If you missed the open house, the posters are still up for you to read in the corridor in C8.

Read the questions in the quiz walk.