EU has announced new calls for Horizon 2020

The European Commission recently announced the upcoming calls for proposals within Horizon 2020 for 2018-2020. Several areas are included and five focus areas are prioritised. Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) supports the university's researchers to find suitable calls, during the application and during the project. 

The calls cover several different areas, e.g. transport, advanced materials, inclusive societies, energy, and health. There is also a special focus on the five following prioritised areas:

  • Digitising and transforming European industries and services
  • Market-creating innovations
  • Sustainable development and climate
  • Societal resilience
  • Strengthening international R&I cooperation

Peter Klason and Mats Dolatkhah, Research Advisors at GIO, answer some questions about the calls.

NB! Contact GIO if you intend to apply.

Hi Peter and Mats, what is Horizon 2020? Is it EU’s programme for research funding?

“Yes and no: Horizon 2020 is a political instrument for driving economic growth, creating jobs, and creating a sustainable and inclusive society. The leaders of the EU have agreed that investment in research and innovation is essential for the future of Europe. Horizon 2020 is one tool to achieve this by coupling research to innovation, with a focus on three key areas: Excellent science, industrial leadership, and societal challenges.”

Who can apply for funding from Horizon 2020?

“Horizon 2020 is open for everyone: Researchers, companies, research institutes, the public sector, and the civil society are all welcome to participate. Most of the funded projects are collaboration projects, and for the standard research and innovation projects there is usually a formal requirement that the consortium must consist of at least three legal entities from at least three different countries.”

Can I apply for funding even if I am not interested in collaboration?

“Yes, there are parts of the programme focused on individual researchers, such as ERC and Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions.”

How much money is there to apply for?

“For the last three years of Horizon 2020, in other words 2018-2020, there is still 30 billion Euros left!”

Is it possible to receive funding from Horizon? Is it not complicated and is not the University of Borås too small and unknown?

“It is possible to receive funding from Horizon2020! As a University, we are currently the coordinator of two projects and partner in several other projects. We at the Grants and Innovation Office can help you find a suitable call for your idea. We are here to support you with your proposal and we will help you during the project too. Just give us a call.”

Text: Anna Kjellsson