Hello Marie Wilhelmsson!

Hello Marie, Finance Officer at GIO, what does a normal workday look like for you?

"No day is ever the same as another, other than that I'm usually in my office working with on-going projects. I always have different things on my table, large and small, simple and complex. There is always one or more applications that we at GIO are working with, in which I provide support with the financial sections. I also receive a lot of questions about what is allowed and not, according to financiers' regulations, and that means I have to read the terms and agreements in order to provide correct answers. In our network of EU funding advisors, in which all Swedish universities are members, there is a constant stream of communication and dissemination of information that I need to be part of in order to stay updated.

I also develop procedures, templates and reports for how we should work with project accounting at the university. I am also responsible for the financial reporting structures in Research Participant Portal (EU application system) and Prisma (national application system), in which I also record the budgets I have made."

What do you have going on right now?

"The University of Borås coordinates a project under the Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions European Training Networks (MSCA-ETN) called ArcInTex ETN. Right now there are major contract changes going on (Amendment of Grant Agreement) and reporting of the project according to the European Commission. My role is to support the researchers in managing the financial aspects. That, along with some other major project reviews, takes most of my time right now.

Yesterday, I attended a Vinnova course on financial rules within H2020. Shortly, I will help researchers who are applying for funding for a coordinated H2020 project, to make a budget for the consortium. I also build the structure to enable the university to begin electronic reporting in Prisma for our projects within the Swedish Research Council, Formas, and Forte."

When can researchers contact you?

"Researchers can always contact me if they have questions about, or want to apply for, grants from the EU (e.g. H2020, structural funds, INTERREG and others), the Knowledge Foundation, the Swedish Research Council, Formas, and Forte. In order to provide the best possible support, it is always good to contact me well in advance and to consider what resources (human and material) the commitment requires to enter the proposed project.”

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