Research Advisor who likes nature experiences

Hello there, Peter Klason! You work as a research advisor at GIO. What does a typical work day look like for you?

My work days vary a lot and no day looks like the other. One day may consist of advisory meetings, supporting researchers to find suitable financiers for their ideas, reviewing research applications, reading up on a particular financier’s regulations, updating me on open calls for applications, attending information meetings with financiers, or holding information meetings about certain calls.

What are you up to at the moment?

Right now my greatest focus is on supporting different researchers and research groups who plan to apply for funding from the Knowledge Foundation. The research programme HÖG has its deadline 8 June.

When can researchers contact you?

In fact anytime, but the sooner the better. But in order to give substantial support and feedback on an application, we need to get it about two weeks before deadline. But me and my colleagues are happy to join in on the process of, for example, setting up the application and helping them find a suitable financier.

What’s your dream travel destination, and why there?

There are several places I would like to visit, for example New Zealand and Scotland. I enjoy nature experiences, and both New Zealand and Scotland are famous for their nature and nice hiking opportunities.