Have your say on the new Framwork Programme, FP9

There is now an Open Consultation on the proposed model of Mission-oriented Research and Innovation. Carlos Moedas, EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation, has asked Professor Marianna Mazzucato, UCL, UK, to suggest a vision for a mission-oriented research and innovation approach in FP9. Her report “Mission-oriented Research and Innovation in the European Union” was recently published.

Following the publication of this report, the European Commission has launched a call for feedback on missions. It is a short survey where you are given the opportunity to view you opinion on the criteria for defining missions, for the implementation of missions and also to suggest missions.

You find the consultation here.

Deadline: 3 April 2018.

About Missions:
Missions are expected to have a wide societal relevance, be inspiring and bold. It also means that there is an acceptance for high-risk approach.
Missions should have a clear target, a time-frame and be measurable.
The European citizens are expected to take more part in or otherwise be engaged in European research and innovation, therefore the missions must be relevant for this group.
In the new FP9, there will be possibilities to apply for funding through "Horizon 2020-type" of Societal Challenge calls, however 30% of the total budget to the "Grand Challenges-pillar" will be dedicated to mission-oriented calls. These mission-oriented calls are proposed to differ from other calls in that they will be less prescriptive, and give a larger freedom in the choice of approach and instrument (project type). Missions can also be a joint venture for more than one "Grand Challenge".

Criteria defining missions:

  • Bold, inspirational with wide societal relevance
  • A clear direction: targeted, measurable and time-bound
  • Ambitious but realistic research and innovation actions
  • Cross-disciplinary, cross-sectoral and cross-actor innovation
  • Multiple, bottom-up solutions
Examples of potential missions (not suggested or decided):

Grand Challenge: Climate Change
  • Mission: 100 Carbon Neutral Cities by 2030 (Reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions balance of 100 European cities by 2030)
Grand Challenge: Citizen Health and Wellbeing
  • Mission: Decreasing the Burden of Dementia (Halving the human burden by dementia by 2030)
If you have any questions regarding this and would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact GIO.