EU Funding

The University of Borås – an increasingly strong player in European research funding.

The EU is an important research funder and the university is continuously building up our competencies in providing support to our researchers on issues related to EU research and research funding.

Always contact GIO when applying for a grant within Horizon Europe! Do not forget to contact us well before the deadline so we can give you the support you need.

Research support is aimed at supporting researchers with the following:

  • to prepare documentation and manage EU contracts and support in the establishment of collaboration agreements between the university and EU partners
  •  to continuously monitor and analyse  the thematic areas announced in the EU research programme in relation to the university's research profiles
  •   to support with the aim to achieve success in the research programmes for the projects under consideration
  • with information communicated based on the university's profile areas as well as related areas
  • with selective, structured and target-driven information
  • via a website focussing on EU-related research and EU research funding, a living communication channel where researchers can continuously inform themselves about important news
  • with discussions about project ideas and help with finding the right call among EU research programmes
  • newsletters
  • with help to build networks between different actors involved in the process

Important links in the EU research context

Information and counselling

For more information and counselling about EU research programmes, please contact Research Advisors Mats Dolatkhah, Peter Klason or Stefan Permanto.

Participant Identification Code (PIC)

For submission of applications for EU projects, an identification code, PIC, is required, which must also be used in negotiations with the EU Commission. Through the code, contact information about the University of Borås is automatically communicated.

Legal name: Hoegskolan i Boras
PIC: Contact Marie Wilhelmsson, Finance Officer, for the code
LEAR (Legal Entity Appointed Representative) Marie Wilhelmsson