EU – Horizon 2020


The goal of Horizon 2020 is to transform scientific breakthroughs into innovative products and services that can lead to new business opportunities and services and that can improve people's lives.

EU - Horizon 2020
University of Borås participates in several projects.
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Excellent Science

Excellent science is intended to strengthen the EU's global position in research and innovation. Included are investments by the European Research Council, ERC, researcher mobility through Marie Sklodowska-Curie, collaborative research in new and promising technology areas (Future and Emerging Technologies--FET) and research infrastructure

Industrial Leadership

Industrial leadership is intended to make Europe more attractive when it comes to investments in research and innovation, creating jobs and growth, and attracting more private and strategic investments to research and innovation. Here, there is support for small and medium-sized companies, investments in micro and nano electronics, nano technology, advanced materials, biotechnology and production

Societal Challenges

Social challenges focus on the major societal challenges facing the EU and the rest of the world; an aging population, the climate, energy supply, security, food security and more. In order to address the various challenges, it will in many cases require interdisciplinary collaborations that include social science and the humanities.

For more information on Horizon 2020 and access to the work programmes (WP2018-2020), contact Mats Dolatkhah, Research Advisor.