EU - Horizon Europe

It consists of several different sub-programmes that work in different ways. Many sub-programmes are quite similar to previous counterparts within Horizon 2020 but there are also completely new elements. The largest parts of Horizon Europe are described as the following three “pillars.”

1. Excellent science

Within this pillar, the EU's major investment in basic research is made through the European Research Council (ERC). The ERC aims to provide good conditions for the development of scientific excellence in Europe and is aimed at researchers in various phases of their careers. Pillar 1 also includes Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions. The purpose of these is to enable international mobility for, above all, junior researchers such as doctoral students and postdocs. This pillar also comprises extensive investments in research infrastructure.

2. Global challenges and European industrial competitiveness

The funding programmes in pillar two are intended for international collaborative projects in a number of areas (clusters) that cover, among other things, health, energy, transport, bioeconomy, culture, and creativity and more. Most calls in pillar two describe in detail the type of project that can be funded, what results are expected, and how the results are to be applied and make a difference. The calls respond to various policy objectives and priorities within the EU.

3. Innovative Europe

Pillar three brings together a range of funding instruments aimed at promoting and enabling new innovations and creating new markets and “ecosystems” for them. The European Innovation Council (EIC) operates here, which includes research-related funding opportunities within EIC Pathfinder and more market-oriented funding within EIC Accelerator.

The University of Borås has successfully participated in the previous framework programme, Horizon 2020, through many different projects. We have very good conditions for obtaining funding through Horizon Europe, as well. Want to know more and discuss how your research can be linked to the programme? Contact Mats Dolatkhah and/or Peter Klason.

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