Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council


Formas supports basic research and needs-driven research in the areas of the environment, agricultural industries and community building. Formas promotes ecologically sustainable growth and development in society, multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary research and international research collaboration.

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FORTE initiates and funds basic and demand-driven research to promote people's working life, health and welfare. This is a government agency under the Swedish Ministry of Health and Social Affairs.

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The Swedish Research Council

Funding Swedish basic research with the highest scientific quality and renewal aspect. Most of the research funding is granted for projects initiated by the researchers themselves.

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How to apply for funding from Formas, Forte and the Swedish Research Council

An application to one of the governmental research councils follows the administrative routines described in Reg. 690-18 and 214-16 (available at the Registrar's Office).

The funders use a common system for proposals, Prisma. In order to make a proposal, you must create a personal account in Prisma (select the SWAMID account option). The modules used in Prisma to create the application look different depending on the call and the funder.

The University of Borås has an organisational account in Prisma, which is administered by the Grants and Innovation Office (GIO). Once you have registered the proposal through your personal account, and the deadline has passed, the proposal will be visible in the organisation account. GIO will then send the proposal for electronic signing in accordance with Vice-Chancellor's Organisational and Decision-making Procedure. The signing must normally take place within one week. If the full cost of the proposal is SEK 10 million or more, the Vice-Chancellor must sign; in other cases the Dean of Faculty must sign.

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Keep in mind:

  • Inform GIO and the relevant signatories (dean and/or VC) that your are planning to apply. The signing must be done no later than one week after the deadline and may need to be planned in advance. Your manager also needs to know if, for example, co-funding is needed.
  • Contributing researchers must themselves have/create an account and profile in Prisma in order to be able to participate in the proposal.
  • Information that must be included in the CVs that are attached to the application must be transferred from each researcher's profile to each new proposal. It is only possible for researchers to do this themselves.
  • It is usually possible to invite participating administrators to a proposal as well. Administrators are not visible in the proposal when submitted, but can assist in the work directly in Prisma. For example, you can invite your Finance Officer or staff at GIO to the proposal.
  • It is only the decision to grant or reject an application that becomes visible in the organisation account. Motivations, and, where applicable, points, are usually only visible to project managers/principal applicants. If you want to inform GIO or discuss the motivation with us, you need to send the information to us in another way.
  • Normally you can submit and re-submit your proposal right up until the deadline. We recommend that you test to submit your proposal in good time to ensure that all required fields are filled  in the proposal and the CV.

Are you planning to apply for funding from Formas, Forte or the Swedish Research Council? Contact GIO.


Mats Dolatkhah
Research Advisor
Phone: 033-435 5969

Peter Klason
Research Advisor
Phone: 033-435 4028 / 070-1857710