Region Västra Götaland

Region Västra Götaland works to develop strong research and innovation environments in Västra Götaland and to increase western-Swedish participation in national and European research programmes.

How to apply for funds from Region Västra Götaland (VGR)

VGR funds projects that show utility in the region and which are in accordance with the VG2020-strategy for growth and development.

One common approach is to write together and pitch your project idea to an officer at VGR within the programme area; a good starting point is that the project should contribute to the VG2020 strategy.

Both feasibility studies and larger amounts of funding can be applied for. There is no general deadline, but VGR bases its funding on the programme area budget and uses a continuous selection process.

VGR R&D card

usually for shorter projects where the researchers' skills and resources are needed to solve problems or challenges defined by the company. Proposals must be short and concise and submitted via a form.

There are two kinds of R&D cards: 

  1. R&D card Basic can be applied for at any time and funds a maximum of SEK 50,000, where 50% is co-funded from the company. The purpose is to build up collaborative projects in order to possibly go ahead and apply for R&D card Advanced.
  2. R&D card Advanced, which has two calls per year, spring and autumn, funds a maximum of SEK 700,000, which will fund the research effort plus 50 % co-funding from the company. It is not necessary to have a granted Basic card first; you can directly apply for Advanced.

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Keep in mind that:

  • VGR wants to be part of and design the project from an early stage.
  • VGR can also co-fund other projects, as long as the projects contribute to the VG2020 strategy.
  • Fundamental research is rarely funded, but VGR often funds socially beneficial projects that clearly affect people in the region, either in the short or long term.

Are you planning to apply for funding from VGR? Contact Jan Tengwall, Innovation Advisor, at Grants and Innovation Office (GIO) for more information.


Jan Tengwall
Innovation Advisor
Phone: 033-435 4297 / 0701-808367