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The Knowledge Foundation does not point out which areas it is possible to apply for funds in; on the other hand, they require co-production. That is to say, companies must participate in the projects. The requirement for co-production looks different in research and education projects. Current information on calls for funding can be found on the Knowledge Foundation's website.

The Knowledge Foundation aims to strengthen Sweden's competitiveness by building profiled and internationally competitive research and education environments. In other words, all projects from the Knowledge Foundation must contribute to building, strengthening and developing the applicant's research and education environment.

How to apply for funding from the Knowledge Foundation

Proposals to the Knowledge Foundation follows the administrative routines described in Reg. 690-18 and 214-16 (available from the Registrar's Office).

The Knowledge Foundation uses its own system for proposals and in order to be able to make a proposal you must first create a personal account.

Note that the Knowledge Foundation funds projects at the university, so funding does not go to individuals. This means, among other things, that all applications must be signed by the project manager, the Dean of Faculty, and the Vice-Chancellor. The signatures must be made on the Knowledge Foundation's own signature appendix.

Keep in mind:

  • Inform the GIO and your manager well in advance (about two months in advance) that you are planning to apply. The signing must take place before the deadline and it needs to be planned in advance because the Vice-Chancellor must sign. Your manager also needs to know that the proposal is to be submitted and if, for example, co-funded is needed.
  • The applications are evaluated on the basis of five criteria: high quality environment for education and research, scientific quality, benefits to the business partners, expected results and effects, and implementation.
  • All criteria are equally important, in other words, the project must fulfil all the criteria to be granted. Furthermore, there are sub-criteria that are different for the different funding schemes. Contact GIO for advice on how to address the various evaluation criteria.
  • The Knowledge Foundation evaluates the quality of the proposal and there is no competition between proposals. All proposals that fully meet their criteria are granted funding.

Granted projects must be carried out according to the project plan in the proposal.

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