Vinnova is a government agency under the Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, and the national contact authority for EU's framework programme for research and innovation.

Vinnova's assignment is to contribute to sustainable development by providing financing for utilisation of research and early stages of innovation processes, where the risks are high and where projects would generally not get off the ground without government aid.

How to apply for funds from Vinnova

Vinnova finances projects in all disciplins that are not purely basic research, and have reached a development level where some form of utilisation may be envisaged. They publish a variety of calls, both one-time and recurring. It is very important for prospective applicants to read the call text carefully, as always, and you should build your application in Vinnova's digital registration form Intressentportalen.

Feel free to contact the person indicated as responsible for answering questions; prepare them for your application, ask questions, and get some feedback and tips on how you can improve your application.

Keep in mind that:

Keep in mind that:

  • Vinnova's announcements are usually aimed at projects with potential for utilisation and innovation, but may, and often should, contain elements of research. Projects should also have very clear adherence to at least one, preferably more, of the UN Sustainable Development Goals: Agenda 2030.
  • Generally, external co-financing is required and a consortium of stakeholders and end-users should have active parts in the project.

Are you planning to apply for funding from Vinnova? Support is available at GIO through the innovation advisors.

Read more about Vinnova (external link).


Stefan Dahlin
Innovation Advisor
Tel: 033-435 4518 / 0701-030229

Jan Tengwall
Innovation Advisor
Tel: 033-435 4297 / 0701-808367