Checklist: Initial contact

These are the steps that you as coordinator/administrator need to complete when you contact the legal counsel for assistance in drafting, reviewing or negotiating the terms and conditions for conducting research projects at the university.

This guide aims to facilitate the communication regarding the contract management process to ensure an effective project’s implementation. 

If a contract is required for your project, please make sure that:

  • all official documents related to the project and the grant awarded are registered in the university archives. For more information about the university guidelines on archiving and record management, please contact the registrator.
  • Send a short description of the project’s background to the legal counsel along with the case registration number. If necessary, inform the legal counsel about special conditions for extern financing, budget, contact information of the participating organizations and staff that will be participating in the study.
  • Identify the role of the university in the collaboration (e.g. project coordinator, party in the agreement, subcontract, scientific advisor)
  • Set out the duration of the project and, if relevant, communicate the possibility of an extension.

You are always welcome to book a meeting with the legal counsel for further discussion.