Checklist for external translation

Provider: Before choosing a provider, read more about Translation contracts. That way you will know which contracts must be followed.

Target language: Which languages should the text be translated to and from? If the target language is English, which variety of English should the text be translated into? At the university, we mainly use British English, but American English (or other varieties) may also be used in certain circumstances.

Topic: What is the subject area of the translation? Let the translation company know so they can find the right translator.

Target audience: Who is the text aimed at? Who is the reader? What is the purpose of the text?

Type of text: What type of text is it? Press release? Research article? Formal policy document?

Reference materials: Is there a website with information in the target language about the project mentioned in the news article? Is there a summary in the target language to read before translating a press release on a specific doctoral thesis? Are there key words in the target language that are important to use?

Lexicon: Please refer to our lexicon if the text includes information about the University of Borås. We recommend that you refer the translation company to the our Swedish-English lexicon and to the Swedish-English dictionary available for the higher education sector (external link). Ask the Communications Office for our updated and very extensive Term Base so you can send that to the translation company, as well.

If you have questions or need help, email