Information and marketing


You can receive help from the Communication Office when it comes to the professional design of invitation material. The Communications Office can also help create a web page for your event and an online registration form.

If you want to create an invitation for use internally at the university, remember that many employees at the university are not always freely available during working hours. It is not enough to send an invitation to everyone, but rather it may be necessary to contact the relevant supervisors.

The Communications Office can help you with sending e-mail to all employees.

Informational Material

When having an event, there can be a variety of printed items that can be good to have. Maybe you need to print a programme of the day's events? A poster for the door? Contact the Communications Office via for assistance with any printed material that may be needed.

Print-outs of documentation is arranged by Campus Facilities and Sustainability Office. If you want a professionally designed text, contact the Communications Office via

General informational material about the university can be found at the university's Reception or with your Faculty's Communications Officer, or can be ordered via

Name Badges

Learn how to arrange name badges.

Informational Channels

The Communications Office can arrange traditional press work, e.g. press releases and news on the university's website. Contact in good time to make a plan.

The Communications Office also publishes information on the university's television screens in the entrance halls. Post information about the event in the university calendar and we will arrange to show information about your event on the screens.

It can also be useful to use social media in different ways. It is, for example, a good idea to come up with, and inform others about, an official #hashtag for the event (to use on Twitter). Feel free to contact the Communications Office for support in working with social media.

Also, don't forget to add your activity to the university's calendar!