Welcome to Teaching and Learning in Higher Education!

This series of commissioned courses has been especially designed for teachers at the University of Skövde who would like to deepen their knowledge about, and enhance their skills in, teaching and learning in higher education (HE). The series includes four courses that together comprise a total of 10 weeks full-time study and 15 higher education credits:

Course 1: Learning, teaching and the teacher’s role in HE (3hp)
Course 2: Conditions for student learning and teacher professionalism in HE (4.5hp)
Course 3: Course design, assessment and evaluation in HE (4.5hp)
Course 4: Information and communication technology in HE: Digital sites for learning (3hp)

The courses serve as rich opportunities for participants to develop their capacities as university teachers, such as their skills in

  • engaging adult learners and creating generative learning environments
  • developing, implementing and evaluating teaching and learning activities and resources (including assessment)
  • evaluating HE practices, conditions and issues in relation to relevant principles (e.g., sustainability, equity) and their impacts on student learning
  • reflecting on relevant policy documents, laws and regulations and their role in the development and implementation of higher education programs
  • critically reflecting on the use of digital learning environments in terms of students' opportunities for participation.

Teaching and learning arrangements include a combination of seminars, workshops, lectures, online discussions, and collegial activities. The activities are deliberately interactive to allow the exchange of ideas, perspectives and experiences across a variety of disciplines and education traditions, and to provide participants with opportunities to reflect on their own educational practices, to try alternative teaching approaches, and to review and develop teaching and learning resources. The language of the course is primarily English. The courses are delivered on campus at the University of Skövde.


The courses are offered at advanced level and, to be eligible, candidates need to have completed a Bachelor degree or equivalent. Furthermore, the completion of Course 1 is a pre-requisite for admission to Courses 2, 3, and 4. As this is a series of commissioned courses, participants are to be University of Skövde staff/affiliates.

Course registration

For further information, and to register for courses, click on the relevant course link below:
Course 1 – Starts January 2018
Course 2 – Starts April 2018
Course 3 – Starts September 2018
Course 4 – Starts November 2018

Course Directors: Giulia Messina Dahlberg (giulia.messina_dahlberg@hb.se) and Kathleen Mahon (kathleen.mahon@hb.se), Department of Educational Research and Development, University of Borås.