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Course 1: Learning, teaching and the teacher’s role in higher education

 C2HG1U (3hp)

Course description
The course provides an introduction to the field of teaching and learning in higher education. We explore various perspectives on learning and teaching, focusing particularly on adult learning, reflective teaching, and the teacher’s role in higher education. Educational theories that support transformative learning (i.e. learning that fundamentally change ways of seeing and understanding the world) are introduced. A prerequisite for transformational learning (and relevant to sustainable education) is critical thinking and the ability to reflect. Thus, the participants’ own experiences, active participation, and participants’ continuous reflections on their own learning, are central to the course.  Different teaching approaches are also explored in the course through investigative and practical, and group and individual tasks.

Course guide HP1 (pdf)

Kursplan svenska (pdf)

Course dates
The following are dates for scheduled for Course 1 (all are whole-day sessions – 09.15 to 16.00):
25 January 2018
9 February 2018
2 March 2018
16 March 2018

Course location
Whole-day sessions will take place at the University of Skövde.

Course registration in the form below. Last day for registration is 2018-01-15.

Course Directors: Giulia Messina Dahlberg (giulia.messina_dahlberg@hb.se) and Kathleen Mahon (kathleen.mahon@hb.se), Department of Educational Research and Development, University of Borås