Digital examinations

How do we develop the content of a written examination at campus to digital exam questions?

The challenge that still remains to be solved is how we can surely know that it is the right student who completes the examination. At national and EU level, work is under way to develop a digital identification for students, corresponding to Bank ID, but the work has not yet been completed. For more information, contact SUNET.

Do not think of home exams as a form of degree in isolation, but as a tool among others. The strength of the home exam is that students can work out a more reflected answer. The weakness is that we cannot be entirely sure who wrote the answer. Therefore, students' insights and reflective skills also need to be tested in other ways – for example, through individual efforts at discussion seminars.

Facts and understanding should also be examined, and in those cases you may be able to use the material compiled by the University of Gothenburg but originating in several Swedish Higher Education institutions. Here you can learn more about how to best construct multiple choice questions - click on the image to open the link to the web page in a new tab:


By creating quizzes/self-correcting tests in Canvas, you can examine knowledge such as e.g. anatomical concepts, when studying medicine or healthcare science. See link to Create tests in Canvas.

You can also consider whether it is possible to add your exam as a written assignment / home exam without reworking the questions - this of course depends on whether this would work in your particular case. See link to Create examination assignment in Canvas.

For some time there has been a system for digital examination, WISEflow, at HB. The system does a little more than what you get in Canvas. You don't have to keep track of anything other than that 1.Create the test and 2. Assess / Correct. Opening the test to the students on the right day and time, keeping track of which students should have access to the test, etc. is handled by the Student Centre at HB.