Do you want to work with industry, public organisations, and government agencies? Apply now! - for Period 1, by 24 August

Project PAUS (for its Swedish name, Personrörlighet för Akademin med Utbildningsfokus och Studentmedverkan) focuses on staff mobility for academics with a focus on education and student participation. PAUS aims to strengthen cooperation through mobility between academia and society at large. Seven of Sweden's higher education institutions participate in the project. The University of Borås wishes to stimulate increased cooperation with the surrounding community and PAUS is a part of the university's overall collaborative work.

The objectives of PAUS are:

  • Encourage staff mobility as an enriching and complementary element in the university’s collaborative efforts.
  • Test and develop mobility forms that enable instructors/researchers to conduct a time-limited assignment in a company or other organisation outside academia in order to foster new knowledge and new perspectives for the participant and the university's educational programmes.
  • Create added value for both the external and academic participants and support the university's instructors in developing their teaching based on the needs of the community at large. 

The University of Borås offers all of its instructors the opportunity to apply, and the assignment should be enriching for the individual and for the collaboration between the involved parties. The important thing is the learning process and that the results will benefit the university in the development of educational programmes with increased quality. It may be, for example, a textile company, a hospital, or a school.

The project comprises two rounds (period) of assignments with funding for a total of five assignments with partners spread over two years.

What does this mean for me?
• You can apply to have a placement in a company, hospital, school or other business for a period of time
• One placement means at least 20% of full-time for a maximum of 6 months during
     Period 1: October 2018 - March 2019 and Period 2: January 2019 - June 2019.
• Your time with the host organisation should be approximately 1 day/week
• You must consult with and establish the support of your manager.

Who can apply?
Applicants are to be teaching staff at the University of Borås.

How do I apply?
The application must be made in consultation with your manager and be approved in advance.

The application can be sent to and can be done directly for Period 1 (Oct 2018-March 2019) and Period 2 (January 2019-June 2019) according to the instructions in the announcement of the project.

The application, a maximum of two A4 pages, must contain the following:

-Brief description of the applicant's current work at the university (teaching, research, course/programme coordination, management, or administration).
-Description of mobility assignment's benefit for the university when it comes to education and programme development.
-Description of the applicant's external collaborations today and what participation in the project can bring to education and programme development (or research) at HB.
-Description of how the applicant's competence can contribute to the partner organisation's work and the planned assignment.
-Written documentation from the partner organisation (external company/organisation) of its interest in participation, description of the planned activities/assignments during the placement, and the name of the contact person at the company/organisation.

When are decisions made?
The applications will be assessed by a selection group in August and decisions will be announced during week 36 (the first full week in September).

NOTE! The applications are due by 24 August.

For more information, contact the Project Manager at the University of Borås for PAUS: Susanne Edström