Health and fitness activities

The University of Borås offers 2,000 SEK per year and employee as a health and fitness activities benefit. The benefit is to be used for activities connected with physical exercise such as an annual membership at a gym, sports including balls and rackets etc., but not e.g. massage.

Time-limited employees with employment terms of up to six months have their benefit reduced to 1,000 SEK. If the employment is extended another six months the employee will receive the remaining benefit of 1,000 SEK.

The extent of the employment, regardless of if it is time-limited or open-ended, affects the size of the benefit. If the extent is 1-50% of full-time, the benefit is reduced to half of the original sum. If the extent is 51-100% of full-time, the full benefit of 2,000 SEK is received.

When on leave for another employment outside the University, no benefit will be received. In the case of part-time leave in order to work for another employer, the size of the benefit is calculated as above, i.e. the benefit is reduced with regard to the lower extent of the employment.

To receive the benefit you must submit a receipt to your Pay Officer, clearly stating your name and the sum you wish to claim.

The University of Borås has agreements with establishments in Borås to allow the University's employees discounts at their services.

The University also keeps its own free admission gym at the Balder block, level 8.