Introduction to teaching and learning in higher education (3 hp)

This introductory course provides you with an overview of teaching and learning in higher education and is intended for doctoral students/post-doctoral researchers who teach or are about to assume teaching duties. It introduces you to current concepts/models of teaching and learning in higher education in order to develop your ability to facilitate student learning. The course serves as a foundation for your further professional development as a university teacher.

The course starts by the end of January and comprises a series of lectures/workshops

"I learned many things, not only teaching in higher education, but also I have gained many insights/ knowledge about how to teach in my country. Here the teaching is totally different, when we see the free interaction between the students and the teacher during the teaching and learning process."

- Melkie Tadesse,course participant

All sessions combine practical activities, discussions, group work, and presentations by both participants and experienced university educators. Topics include student-centred learning; teaching and technology; assessment, feedback and evaluation; teaching for sustainability; student motivation, reflective practice; and more.

The course awards 3 credits as part of the standard course on teaching and learning in higher education (15 credits) at the University of Borås. The language of instruction is English. We do hope you will enjoy this introductory course and learn a lot. You are most welcome!

Registration for the 2021 course closes January 14. To apply after this date, please contact Kathleen Mahon

2021 Course dates:
  • 28 January 9.00 to 12.30
  • 25 February 9.00 to 16.30
  • 25 March 9.00 to 16.30
  • 27 April 9.00 to 16.30
  • 20 May 9.00 to 16.30

For more information about the course, contact Kathleen Mahon or Marie Wennberg, Course Directors.

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