Borrow a travel card

  • If you want to borrow a travel card, go to the reception desk.
  • There are a limited number of travel cards to borrow.
  • The travel card is for temporary trips only.
  • You cannot book a travel card in advance. At the earliest you can borrow a travel card the day before the trip.
  • Return the travel card immediately after your trip. Either on the same day or the morning after, at the latest.
  • If there is no travel card available, or if you know that you cannot return it immediately after your trip, you have to make an expense and request compensation by submitting a travel bill in Primula.
  • If you travel by SMS ticket or with your own travel card (which must be registered at Västtrafik), you print out the receipt from Västtrafik’s web site and attach it to the travel bill.

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