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How to plan and book your work travel
Each employee is responsible for that travel in the service will be carried out a cost-effective, environmental friendly and safe manner in accordance with policy and guidelines. The travel must be planned, approved, booked and completed in the following steps:
– The possibilities of replacing a business travel with video, telephone and web conferencing should always be considered before deciding on a travel. Account must be taken of working time, costs and environment.
– The travel should be planned with the best possible anticipation.
– The travel must be approved in advance by the nearest department manager.
– Travel bookings must follow set guidelines.
Extract from the University's Meeting and Travel Policy (Dnr 11-11-91).

All train tickets, flights and hotels should be ordered via our travel agency. For shorter trips, for example Borås-Göteborg and Borås-Varberg, you can either make an expense or borrow a travel card from the reception desk.

Travel agency

The university has an agreement with Egencia. If you contact Egencia via e-mail, use your HB address. Tickets and booking confirmations are only sent to e-mail addresses that end with

Contact information

Telephone: +46(0)8-555 23 760 

Opening hours: Monday-Friday 08:00-17:00
Self-service: See online booking (below)

Groups & Conferences

Telephone: +46(0)31-724 59 10

If you need emergency assistance outside office hours, call: +46(0)31-773 87 27 (forwarded to Aero24 and associated with a cost).

Book online

You can book your business trip using Egencia’s online self-service system. Log in to the online booking with your signature.

If you are newly employed, contact HR to get a profile.

If you have any questions, contact HR.