Tips if working from home

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Tips for distance education

Find all the tips on the webpage "Tips for distance education".


Tips if you work from home

Background in Zoom

There are different images that you can use in Zoom. Just remember that you have to sit against a single-colored wall for it to work well with the background image. 

Upload the image: Use the Zoom client at your computer. Click at your name/initals at the upper right corner. Choose "Settings". Choose "Virtual Background". Click on the plus sign, choose "Add image". Upload the image. 

When you've uploaded the image in Zoom, make sure that the box "Mirror my video" is not ticked since the image then gets reversed. If you don't have a green screen behind you, make sure the box "”Green screen” is not ticked. 

Download a background with an image of the campus (when the image opens in a new window, right-click and choose "Save as image")

Download a white background with the university logo in the background (when the image opens in a new window, right-click and choose "Save as image") 

Download a white background with the university logo in the corner (when the image opens in a new window, right-click and choose "Save as image")

Digital break room for everyone 

Now we have opened up a standing digital break room/lounge that is available to all employees via Zoom. You are welcome to stop by and see your colleagues (external link to Zoom)

If you have already been logged in to Zoom, click on the link and you will go directly to the lounge.

If you have not been logged in to Zoom before, you must first start Zoom according to the instructions in the Quick Reference Guide on this web page. 

Or log in via

Keep in mind when working from home

Take part of the information on "Working from home—what to consider".


Working at home right now? Take the opportunity to play the university’s “Work at Home Bingo” game! Challenge your colleagues and see who first fills in a row, or maybe the whole board...

Download the bingo as jpg (external link)

Download the bingo as pdf (external link)


Useful tools if you work from home


A cloud based file- and synchronicing service accesable to the staff at the university.

Information about Box

HB Play

HB Play is a service to handle and record videos, for example lectures.

Information about HB Play (in Swedish only)


Temporarly your files at the university are available through Netstorage:

Information about Netstorage


Zoom is the system for distance learning and video conference. Quick Reference Guide - information and instructions (pdf)

Read more about the system on ZOOM's website under the heading "Getting Started".

On this Swedish webpage there are also some videos with information in English. 

If you, after you've read the instructions and watched the movies, still have questions, please contact Ramon Garrote so you can make an appointment to meet through a room in Zoom called ZOOM UTBILDNING-SUPPORTContact information to Ramon Garrote.


You can log on to ZOOM without using the ZOOM client.

Sign in to ZOOM to:

  • "Join" (Connect to a meeting in progress)
  • "Host" (Start a meeting)
  • "Sign in" (Configure your account)


Systems A-Ö

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