Doctors 2020–2021

Celebrations will be postponed until 22 April 2022.  

The University of Borås is entitled to award doctoral degrees within four areas. During the ceremony, those who have received their doctoral degrees are given their symbols of honour. The symbols consist of a ring, a diploma and a hat or laurel wreath. It is optional to wear the symbols. 

The conferment ceremony is not a formal examination act, and it is optional to participate in this ceremony. The following doctors have recieved their doctoral degree during the period 1 March 2019–28 February 2021. 

Degree of Doctor of Philosophy

Tarun Kumar Agrawal

Textile Management

Doctoral thesis: Contribution to development of a secured traceability system for textile and clothing supply chain




Konstantinos Chandolias

Resource Recovery – Biotechnology

Doctoral Thesis: Enhanced Methane and Hydrogen production in Reverse Membrane Bioreactors via Syngas Fermentation




Francis Chinweuba Eboh

Resource Recovery – Energy Engineering

Doctoral thesis: Efficiency Improvements in WastetoEnergy Combustion Processes: Method Development and Evaluation




Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar

Textile Material Technology

Doctoral thesis: FDM 3D printing of conductive polymer nanocomposites: A novel process for functional and smart textiles



Åsa Israelsson-Skogsberg

Caring Science

Doctoral thesis: Children living with Home Mechanical Ventilation: The everyday life experiences of the children, their siblings, parents and personal care assistants



Sweta Iyer

Textile Material Technology

Doctoral thesis: Luminescent textiles using biobased products – A bioinspired approach

May Kahoush

Textile Material Technology

Doctoral thesis: EcoTechnologies for Immobilizing Redox Enzymes on Conductive Textiles, for Sustainable Development




Amir Mahboubi Soufiani

Resource Recovery – Industrial Biotechnology

Doctoral thesis: Immersed flat­sheet membrane bioreactors for lignocellulosic bioethanol production



Sina Seipel

Textile Material Technology

Doctoral thesis: Ink Jetting of Photochromic Ink: Towards the Design of a Smart Textile Sensor

Petchprakai Sirilertsuwan

Textile Management

Doctoral thesis: Manufacturing Decisions and A Multi-tier Supply Location Decision-Support Model for Enhancing Sustainability in Textile and Clothing Supply Chains


Molla Tadesse Abate

Textil materialteknik

Avhandling: Supercritical CO2 technology in resource-effectiveproduction of functional and smart textiles


Berthilde Uwamwesi

Library and Information Science

Doctoral thesis: Merger and management: University of Rwanda libraries in a transitional context

Malin Östman

Caring Science

Doctoral Thesis: Continuity as a basis for caring and health in heart failure
- Patients’, next of kin’s and nurses’ perspectives


Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Fine Arts


Svenja Keune

Design – Textile Design

Doctoral thesis: On Textile Farming: Living Indoors