System issue - Printing on Mac 21 february resolved

2022-03-02 09:15

Now we have found a solution to the printing problems on Print-And-Collect on MAC with version 12.2+ OSX Monterey.

If you still have problems printing, you can try clicking on the printer icon at the top of the toolbar and selecting Refresh my printers now (see image below)

2022-02-23 14:18

There are still problems printing via Print-And-Collect on MAC computers upgraded to OSX Monterey v. 12.2.1

Troubleshooting is in progress

2022-02-21 14:21

We have received information that printing via Print-And-Collect on some Mac computers isn't working.

A temporary solution is to print via Papercut web via:> web print. See guide below:

Troubleshooting in progress