MSc in Industrial Engineering - Logistics Management

Welcome to the Master's programme in Logistics Management

You will during this year attend a study program adapted for future work on logistics and supply chain management up to the strategic level of managerial activities, but which also is designed to prepare you for  research. On this program we study factors that affect the total supply chain from a logistical perspective, such as transport, materials handling and storage. You will train in how to plan material procurement, production and distribution, and you will train to analyze and solve complex real-life problems in the internal and external logistics to be able to work  in a professional role up to a strategic level in a company. An important part of the program is new technology and new methods in information technology and telecommunications.

Till we meet in August!

Daniel Ekwall
Programme Manager

Dates to keep in mind

August 27-30: Introduction for international students.
September 3: Information from programme manager, see schedule.

Programme information

Programme code: KMAGI
Programme occasion code: KMAGI13h1