MSc in Resource Recovery - Sustainable Engineering

Welcome to the MSc program in Resource Recovery – Sustainable Engineering!

Congratulations to the selection of this Master's program that gives you excellence for your future career, to be able to analyze and solve problems within the resource recovery field. Over the next two years, you will learn to work for a sustainable environment and to understand and apply research results and put them into practice. The education gives you skills to handle issues relating to materials and energy recovery. We focus on the generation and disposal of waste. Emphasis is on the importance of bringing as much as possible of the waste back into the economic system through the recovery of materials, energy and nutrients. During these two years, you will be exposed to many different disciplines, such as energy recovery, and biotechnology.

See you in August!

Anita Pettersson
Programme Manager

Dates to keep in mind

August 27-30: Introduction for international students.
September 3: Information from the director of the study program.

Programme information

Programme code: KMARE
Programme occasion code: KMARE13h