Master's programme: Library and Information Science, Digital Library and Information Services

Welcome to the international Master’s programme in Library and Information Science!

We welcome you cordially to our programme and hope that you will enjoy our courses. You will have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills of investigating, building, running, evaluating and putting to the effective use different types of digital libraries. 

The programme includes courses that help you to understand the role and functions of digital services and libraries in society, their usefulness for individuals, professional tasks and processes that librarians and information specialists have to manage, technological background, managerial issues and research directions within this developing area of library and information science. The Swedish School of Library and Information Science has strong contacts with the professional and research community in Sweden, Europe and around the world.

Letter to candidates (pdf)


Please note that the schedule may be revised. Schedule for Master's Programme: Library and Information Science, Digital Library and information Services (external link).

Programme information

Programme code: BMDD1
Programme cohort code: BMDD116h1