Master Programme (One Year) in Informatics

Welcome to the masters programme in Informatics!

Dear Students,

congratulations on your decision to study the master programme in Informatics! This programme will enable you to deepen your knowledge in the area of Informatics and allow you to advance in your personal career by obtaining a leading position in the area of IT. Possible opportunities include such exciting positions as senior consultant, leader of IT projects or even CIO.

To take you to this level we will give you a solid education that is both scientific and practical. On the practical side you will help organizations to solve IT-related problems in the areas of business processes, software development, data mining and business intelligence. On the scientific side we will gradually develop your research capabilities starting with elementary skills such as literature review and the formulation of a research problem and question and proceeding via the choice and development of a suitable research method to more advanced skills such as the collection and analysis of relevant data, the answering of a research question, the discussion of results and the evaluation of the study.

Together these skills make a unique combination giving you excellent career opportunities in many areas of IT including doctoral studies.

Once again welcome to the masters programme in Informatics!

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Peter Rittgen,

Programme Director

Programme information

Programme code: NAINF
Programme cohort code: NAINF18h1