The University of Borås is now on lime level. This is due to the ongoing pandemic. This means that all university operations will take place according to the main rule of "Distance when it works, campus when it’s needed." This thus means that, with adaptations and ranked priorities, certain activities can be conducted on campus. The decision is based on adjustments and priorities in relation to where society is in its gradual return to “normal,” as presented by the government and the Public Health Agency of Sweden.

The university's decision applies until the end of the first study period in the autumn term of 2021; however, no later than 14 November. University operations at the University of Borås are to be prepared to return to level green during the autumn term, i.e. normal mode.

To enable a responsible return to more campus-based activities, the following applies:

  • University operations will continue to be carried out with precautionary measures and in accordance with the preventive measures and recommendations specified by the Public Health Agency of Sweden, regional and local infection control, and the university's own guidelines. Great emphasis is placed on employees’ and students' personal responsibility.
  • Priorities are made on an ongoing basis to limit the number of people present on campus at the same time.
  • The following are prioritised: students in nursing and police programmes; students in English-language courses and programmes with international students which under normal circumstances are conducted on campus; and newly admitted students to campus programmes in the autumn term 2021 and students admitted to campus programmes in the spring term 2021.
  • Priority educational activities: components that take place within the Clinical Training Centre and VFU/student placements/internships within programmes at the Department of Caring Science; teaching components within the Police Education Programme that are not possible to complete at a distance; and VFU/student placements/internships within teacher training.
  • Examinations on campus can be carried out to a limited extent.
  • The re-examination period in August is planned based on level yellow (distance and digital).
  • Adjustments on campus must be made regarding physical distances on our premises, protective equipment in certain spaces where social distancing cannot always be maintained, access to hand disinfectant, extra cleaning, and more.
  • The student introduction of new students in the autumn term 2021 will be carried out digitally with physical components, according to the decision.

More information

We are working intensively on many levels to find solutions and develop appropriate supports in light of the new situation. Specific information regarding your education is provided directly from your teachers.

The university's students are advised to follow the information available from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish government. Be aware that the government can provide new information at short notice. Read the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s information regarding higher education institutions (in Swedish only).

Here you can read a summary of the most common questions at the university-wide meeting about the pandemic for students that took place 4 February.

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