The University of Borås is now on yellow level. This is due to the ongoing pandemic. All university operations must thus, as a general rule, be conducted digitally and remotely throughout the entire spring term of 2021. The decision is valid at present until until 6 June 2021.

The decision covers all university operations--teaching, examinations, VFU/student placements/internships, library activities, and work within the university's other areas of activity..

This is due to the very serious current situation when it comes to the pandemic and the restrictions and recommendations that apply in Sweden.

In the event that the university is affected by new decisions, recommendations, etc. from the government or another authority, a new decision on how university operations are to be conducted may need to be made before 6 June 2021.

We are working intensively on many levels to find solutions and develop appropriate supports in light of the new situation. Specific information regarding your education is provided directly from your teachers.

The university's students are advised to follow the information available from the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the Swedish government. Be aware that the government can provide new information at short notice. Read the Public Health Agency of Sweden’s information regarding higher education institutions (in Swedish only).

Here you can read a summary of the most common questions at the university-wide meeting about the pandemic for students that took place 4 February.

General information

Spread of infection and contact tracing

Distance education and examinations

University premises

Studying abroad


Tools and tips for distance learning

If you become ill

Think about good hand hygiene

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