Seminar: Resource efficiency and recovery – A key issue to stop global warming

Welcome to an open seminar by honorary doctor Andreas Gundberg.

The global warming situation requires a sustainable shift towards considerably lower emissions of green-house gases. The usage of fossil raw materials needs to be replaced with renewable energy sources together with improved efficiencies and behavioral changes. Resource recovery where waste or industrial residues are used as raw material in other applications and thereby reduce the raw material consumption have a big potential. Through innovative processes the value chain efficiencies can be approved and even new food products from food waste or residues can be produced. This reduces the amount of raw materials needed, creating the possibility to replace fossil raw materials for different applications in combination with a cultivation promoting biodiversity.

Andreas GundbergHonorary doctor Andreas Gundberg, Business Developer at Lantmännen Biorefineries, is introduced by Mohammad Taherzadeh, professor in Bioprocess Technology.

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