The Higher Seminar in Library and Information Science, at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science introduces

Postdoctoral Fellow Nuria Bautista Puig, Faculty of Engineering and Sustainable Development (ATM), University of Gävle, who will talk about her research on:

Organisations’ contributions to sustainability: a bibliometric overview

Sustainable development and sustainability have appeared as concepts to help address the economic, environmental, and social impacts from previous generations, on this generation, and future ones through a holistic perspective. Organisations civil society; companies; and public sector organisations (PSOs) have been instrumental in driving sustainability. In the last lustrum, there has been an increasing interest in organisational sustainability, where the importance of sustainability’s dimensions depends on an organisation’s nature and purpose. The contributions of organisations to sustainability, and by implication to the SDGs, have been proposed by a number of authors, where the most complete definition states that: such contributions entail the continuous incorporation and integration of sustainability issues in the organisation’s system elements (operations and production, strategy and management, governance, organisational systems, service provision, and assessment and reporting), as well as change processes and their rate of change. In this presentation, some case studies of organisations contributing to sustainability will be presented in which bibliometrics is used as a tool for their analysis.

Language: English

Zoom Meeting

2021-06-14, 14:30 – 16:00