Study symphonies

The University of Borås has produced three specially-composed Study Symphonies which we hope will help students improve their academic performance. The two people responsible for production are the sound designer Martin Ljungdahl and composer Håkan Lidbo, who has been nominated for the Swedish Grammis music awards..

Just click to have a listen!

Toccata Creativo

Unexpected musical twists and turns that stimulate the brain’s thinking processes and boost the listener’s creativity. Download (MP3-file).

Sonata Concentrata

A slow tempo and unvarying melody that lower the heart rate. Helps the listener relax and increases the ability to concentrate. Download (MP3-file).

Pep-up in A Major

A positive, up-tempo piece of music that stimulates the listener’s brain to release dopamine, the natural neurotransmitter that makes us feel good. Download (MP3-file).