Submission of MFS applications

A complete application must include the following

When submitting your application, all parts must be included in order for the application to be regarded as complete. All parts must be uploaded as a PDF.

Find out about what the different parts must include here.

  1. Application form
    Complete the form directly on your computer, but it must then be printed out so that it can be physically signed before submission. Please note that the form must be scanned and not photographed before submission.
    Name the file SurnameForename1Applicationform.
    Download the application form for MFS for the 2023 spring semester here (PDF)
  2. A project description, in English
    Name the file SurnameForename2Project.
  3. Preliminary budget
    Name the file SurnameForename3Budget.
  4. Signed letter of reference, in Swedish or English
    Name the file SurnameForename4Reference.
  5. A copy of your passport or proof of identity, showing your nationality and officially registered place of residence.
    Name the file SurnameForename5ID.
  6. LADOK printout (transcript)
    Name the file SurnameForename6Transcript.