The nurse can give you advice on health-related questions, perform simple check-ups or health care treatments. If you need further medical treatment you can also receive guidance where to turn. 

It is also possible to book an appointment for a longer talk about your health. This Health-talk contains a dialogue about your health and lifestyle and (if you want) also a simple health examination. Perhaps you are considering quitting smoking or do some changes in your eating habits, this Health-talk may be the help you need to get started. 

Regarding the novel coronavirus

If you suspect a corona infection, please call 1177 Vårdguiden (Medical Advice).

More information about the corona virus: (external link) 



Currently there is no nurse at the student health care centre. The nurse will be back August 23rd.  In need of medical advice please contact the primary health care centre or call 1177 for information. More information on how to seek health care

You can also contact the social counsellors for support.