Student Pastor

The student pastor is avaliable if you need someone to talk to. However, because of the coronavirus, the student pastor will not be able to have any visits or meetings at the University. For the student pastor this means that all contact and all appointments will be by phone instead. There is a possibility to scheduele a meeting in a parish home if needed. The drop-in will be closed and the prayer at Thuesdays is cancelled until further notice.   

What can you talk with a student pastor about? We can talk about whatever you like, whether it is your education, dreams and goals in life, or relationships, faith and doubts. Or, we can just sit down and be quiet for a while together.

If you need help to find or contact a church or a religious community I will be glad to guide you.

Quiet rooms 

At the university there is a Quiet rooms, D301, where you can be quiet, pray and get some rest and peace between your lessons, studies or work. 



Currently there is no Student pastor avaliable at the University. You can contact the Church of Sweden in Borås if you want to talk to a priest or a deacon.