Higher seminar of LIS: Olof Falks plan seminar

The higher seminars of LIS at Swedish shool of Library and Information Science presents

Olof Falk, doctoral student at the institution of Library and Information Sciene who will present his research plan. 

Commentatorgroup are Wout Dillen, Björn Ekström and Fereshta Westin. 

Language: English

Supervisors are Mats Dahlström, Mikael Gunnarsson och Julia Pennlert.

Chair: Jan Nolin

Zoom: Meeting ID: 614 1600 9691

You will find the seminar text in the Pingpong activity or send an request to Anette Trennedal.

At a plan seminar, the doctoral student presents a complete research plan, which should include an introduction where the research problem is introduced and a specification of the dissertation's purpose and issues, method and implementation as well as ethical considerations and preliminary schedule for the work.