Autumn 2018

V. 37: 180910

Guest seminar: Ann-Sofie Axelsson and Björn Hammarfeldt
Language: English

This seminar will be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Seminar on research applications: Mobility

A3 starts a new seminar series on writing research applications in order to encourage and support all members of staff in writing grant applications. The series is not least relevant to PhD students. The first seminar will focus on Mobility, both in terms of applying for funding to bring researchers to Borås and for going abroad yourself for a limited time.

The seminar will be structured around two to three presentations where experiences are shared, as well as around experience and questions from the seminar participants.

Confirmed speakers:

Ann-Sofie Axelsson will share experiences as a reviewer of MoRE applications (MoRE is an EU funding programme managed by VGR, with a deadline Oct 1)

Björn Hammarfelt will share experiences from a successful application for a VR international post doc scholarship, and will also speak a bit about spending time as a scholar abroad (of particular interest to early career researchers!)

If you intend to submit a MoRE application and would like to get some feedback, or if you have ideas for upcoming seminars in the series, please contact Helena.

V. 38: 180917

Guest seminar - Eystein Gullbekk

Title: Researching interdisciplinary scholarly communication: A case of PhD-students’ citation practices.

Language: English

Eystein Gullbekk is the head of teaching and research support services at Oslo University Library, and a PhD student in Library and Information Science at Oslo Metropolitan University. Gullbekk has been leader of projects addressing the information practices and literacies among higher education students, for instance the Nordic collaborative project “Information Management for Knowledge Creation”. Together with Idunn Bøyum and Katriina Byström he has also co-authored publications from a study on teaching librarians’ competencies in the context of interdisciplinary education. The working title of Gullbekk’s PhD project is “Negotiated tensions of publication - A study of information practices in PhD students’ interdisciplinary research”. Prof. Katriina Byström is his supervisor.

More about Eystein Gullbekk’s publications and presentations:

V. 39: 180924

Guest seminar - Margareta Lundberg Rodin
Language: Swedish
Margareta will summarize and present her research.

V. 40: 181001

Guest seminar: Professor Pam McKenzie, Western University, Ontario, Canada
Title: TBD
This seminar might be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

V. 41: 181008

V. 42: 181015

V. 43: 181022 - A315

V. 44: 181029 - A315

Guest seminar: Professor Lesley S. J. Farmer, California State University Long Beach

Title: Librarians' Role in Fake News
Fake News is consequential for society -- and as part of library and information science. This seminar will review major aspects of fake news and share Dr. Farmer's research on the need for curriculum about fake news.

Language: English

This seminar will be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Dr. Lesley Farmer, Professor at California State University Long Beach, coordinates the Librarianship program and the Applied Disabilities Studies Certificate program. She also manages the CSU ICT Literacy Program. Dr. Farmer has worked as a library media teacher in K-12 school settings as well as in public, special and academic libraries. She serves as International Association for School Librarianship Library Education SIG chair, chaired the IFLA School Libraries section, and coordinates the Education Section of Special Libraries Association professional development. Dr. Farmer has received several awards, including the 2017 AASL Distinguished Service Award. Dr. Farmer is a frequent presenter and writer for the profession. Her latest books include Managing the successful school library (ALA, 2017) and Library improvement through data analystics (with Dr. Alan Safer; ALA, 2016).

More on Professor Farmer here. 

V. 45: 181105

Guest seminar - Jesper Enbom
Jesper presents his research project IAccept.
Language: English

Please note that the starting time is changed for this seminar to 14.00.

V. 46: 181112

Guest seminar: Professor Olof Sundin
Language: English
This seminar will be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

Professor Sundin present a chapter in his upcoming book with the title:
Invisible Search and Online Search Engines: The ubiquity of search in everyday life. Jutta Haider & Olof Sundin (2019) London & New York : Routledge. (Routledge Studies in Library and Information Science).

Chapter 5: Search and media and information literacy
The Chapter approaches search from the perspective of literacy and more specifically of media and information literacy. It broaches the difficulties involved when trying to turn search and searching into objects for learning and teaching. Relatedly, it examines implications these difficulties have for the development of media and information literacy instruction and for researching media and information literacy. The focus in media and information literacy lies with critically assessing the information found by means of using search engines. However, the social shaping of the search engines and the conflicting interests involved in its workings are hardly ever scrutinized in educational settings. The concept of infrastructural meaning making is suggested in order to shed light on the significance of sociotechnical systems that are highly trusted in society for filtering and providing information. Furthermore, critical evaluation of information has limits and must be related to trust. Chapter Five concludes by relating its most salient points to how users trust and assign authority to the various information infrastructures that make online search possible.

More on the book here:

Olof Sundin is Professor in Information Studies at the Department of Arts and Cultural Sciences, Lund University, Sweden. His work concerns mainly information literacies and practices in various settings. More precisely, he researches the configuration of information in contemporary society, the construction of trustworthiness of public knowledge and information searching and use.

V. 47: 181119

V. 48: 181126

V. 49: 181203

Sustainable development seminar: Jan Nolin

Title: Sustainability issues and Information science

Language: English

How do we talk about the research that we as LIS researchers perform as contributions to sustainable development? There are many positive angles to pursue on this issue, partly as LIS historically has been tied to public service institutions. However, there has not been a strong tradition of attaching LIS research to discourses of sustainable development. Jan Nolin will suggest the concept of “sustainability issues” (White, 2013) as a useful device for clarifying and developing local and global utility of library and information science research in general and research at the SSLIS in particular.

White, R. (2013). Sustainability research: a novel mode of knowledge generation to explore alternative ways for people and planet. In The Sustainable University: Progress and prospects. Ed. Sterling, S., Maxey, L., Luna, H. Abingdon: Routledge.

This seminar will be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.

V. 50: 181210

Plan seminar: Maria Idebrant
Language: English

In charge of seminar; Chair: Jan Nolin, Senior commentator:  Ola Pilerot, Commentator group:  Marco Schirone and Elisa Tattersall Wallin

V. 51: 181217

Final seminar: Merisa Martinez
Language: English

In charge of the seminar: Prof Roger Blomgren, External commentator: Prof Joacim Hansson, Linné University

This seminar will be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.