Autumn 2019

V. 36: 190902

Research seminar: Professor Jan Nolin

Title: The good research seminar

Language: English



V. 37: 190909

Final seminar: Amira Sofie Sandin

Language: Svenska



V. 38: 190916

Mid seminar: Elisa Tattersall Wallin

Language: English

This seminar might be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda



V. 39: 190923

Final seminar: Ulrika Centerwall

Language: Svenska



V. 40: 190930

Remiss gällande förslag till nationell biblioteksstrategi. Diskussion av rapporten Demokratins skattkammare - förslag till en nationell biblioteksstrategi. 

Moderatorer: Linnea Lindsköld och Jonas Söderholm

Språk: Svenska



V. 41: 191007

Mid seminar: Arvid Jakobsson

Language: Swedish



V. 42: 191014

Research seminar: Julia Pennlert, David Gunnarsson Lorentzen and Björn Ekström

Title: Teleoptical views on digital methods

Language: English


This text is intended to be included in the forthcoming anthology Digital Human Sciences: New Objects – New Approaches, published by Stockholm University Press during 2020. The contribution is an exploratory attempt to discuss the telescope as a metaphor and analytical tool to demonstrate, problematise and discuss the possibilities and challenges of digital methods (as tools for collecting, analysing and visualising specific materials). The text has been ventilated at a work-in-progress seminar at Stockholm University (September 16th). We would like you – our colleagues – to have the opportunity to reply, critique and recommend how this text can be further improved. Since the text is a work-in-progress, we would ask you not to spread it outside the seminar.


A few questions we would like to discuss include:

How do you perceive the relationship between the three cases brought up in the text? What is missing, what can be further developed and what can be amended/removed?

How do you perceive the framework – in the form of the telescopic metaphor – and the theoretical perspectives brought up? What perspectives are missing and what can be added?

Please also feel free to bring up any other questions or comments during the seminar.



V. 43: 191021

Guest seminar: Khadijah Saeed Khan, PhD student from Åbo Akademi will present a draft of an article that is under progress.

The purpose of the research in the article is to understand the information practices of refugee women in Sweden, to learn how and what type of small-worlds of information they have built and how these small-worlds act as a source of various type of useful information for better integration. The research also identifies the possible risks and consequences of establishing such small-worlds in a new country.


V. 44: 191028 - A315

Mid seminar: Kristin Johansson

Language: Svenska


V. 45: 191104 - A315

Guest seminar: Caroline Ilako, PhD student från Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda, will present her work with the title: Physical space utilization in academic libraries: An ethnographic study of user perception and behaviour

Language: English

This seminar might be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda



V. 47: 191118

Guest seminar: Kungliga biblioteket. Samtal om den svenska nationalbiografin.

Language: Swedish


V. 48: 191125

Guest seminar: Constant Okello-Obura. Dean at East African School of Library and Information Science (EASLIS), Makerere University, Kampala.

Language: English