Autumn 2021

V. 49: 211206 - Data as Impact Lab

Invigning Data as Impact Lab!

More info to come.

V. 50: 211213

Jutta, Gustaf Projektsökarseminarium

V. 51: 211220 - Plan seminar Olof Falk

Zoom: Meeting ID: 696 1835 4772


V. 35: 210830


. 36: 210906

PhD student barometer + evaluation

Meeting only for PhD students, Gustaf, Jan and Åsa.


V. 37: 210913


V. 38: 210920 Elisa Tattersall Wallin - Final seminar

Welcome to Elisa Tattersall Wallins final seminar presentation.

Time: 15.00 (-17.00) Please note time 

Place: zoom meeting

Opponent: Professor Pamela McKenzie, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, Western University, Ontario.

Working title: 

Sound reading: Exploring and conceptualising audiobook practices among young adults 

This is an explorative PhD project on audiobook practices with a focus on young adults. The thesis consists of four articles, the first of these explored patterns of audiobook use on a large scale in order to understand the daily, weekly, and yearly temporal use within one audiobook subscription service. The second article clarified and conceptualised four issues for audiobook researchers in the 2020's, such as how audiobook use can be conceptualised in relation to reading. The third article identified routinised audiobook practices among young adults, and finally, the fourth article explored subscription service apps and the affordances of the features within the audiobook player function. 

Chair: Jutta Haider

V. 39: 210927


V. 40: 211004 -  Presentation av kursboken Skolbibliotek och lärande


Presentation av kursboken Skolbibliotek och lärande av Louise Limberg, Frances Hultgren och Monika Johansson.

Språk: svenska

Zoom: Meeting ID: 688 3154 3038

V. 41: 211011 - Forskargrupper inom BoI

”Diskussion om forskarplanen för forskargrupper inom BoI”

Diskussionen kring forskargruppsplanen som inleddes på personaldagarna fortsätter på detta seminarium. Jan Nolin inleder med en beskrivning av den feedback som kom in. 

Zoom: Meeting ID: 618 4525 2542

V. 42: 211018 - Wout Dillen presents

"On returning to Borås"

In his talk, Wout Dillen will present some of his past research and teaching experiences in Digital Humanities, and explain how they gradually moved from Literary Studies to more infrastructural and LIS-related areas. He will conclude by exploring avenues for embedding his future research in the Swedish School for Library and Information Science now that he has returned to the Högskolan i Borås.

Language: English

Chair: Jutta Haider

Zoom: Meeting ID: 693 1166 3414

V. 43: 211025 - Presentation of thesis

”Performing Search: Search Engines and Mobile Devices in the Everyday Life of Young People”

Cecilia Andersson defended her thesis Performing Search: Search Engines and Mobile Devices in the Everyday Life of Young People in June 2021. She is a researcher at Lund University within the project Why do we choose the Internet instead of the doctor next door?, and teaches information studies and digital cultures. Her thesis investigates how young people use mobile devices and search engines in their everyday life.

Download the thesis here

Language: Engelska

Chair: Jutta Haider

zoom: Meeting ID: 655 3143 0452

V. 44: 211101 - Invited seminar

Arwid Lund presents his and Marian Zukerfeld’s book

Corporate Capitalism's Use of Openness: Profit for Free?”

What kind of openness do we want?

Open access, open data, open education, and so on, the list is long. The last two decades in Information Studies have seen an extensive research and debate on information openness, but the political economy behind the discourse have not been critically examined to the same extent. In Corporate Capitalism's Use of Openness: Profit for Free? (2020) Arwid Lund and Mariano Zukerfeld presents an alternative and commons-based view on openness.

Language: English

Chair: Björn Hammarfelt

Zoom: Meeting ID: 633 1824 8748

V. 45: 211108 - Presentation of thesis

Eystein Gullbekk (OsloMet) presents his thesis

“Performing interdisciplinary knowledge: Information work in emerging interdisciplinary research”

Language: English

Chair: Ola Pilerot

zoom: Meeting ID: 686 0726 0075

V. 46: 211115 - Katriina Byström - ”Information flows in peopleless offices”

”Information flows in peopleless offices”

Katriina Byström, professor in Information Studies at the Oslo Metropolitan University & guest professor at the University of Borås.

Katriina Byström is active within the research fields of information behaviour and interactive information retrieval – usually with a focus on information-related activities in the workplace context, sometimes with an eye on individual aspects, sometimes on social contexts. Since 2016 she has worked with the not-anymore-so-futuristic metaphor "peopleless offices" and in this talk, she presents some of the results from an ongoing longitudinal study on how information flows are re-established and experienced in and after fully digital work life.

Language: English

Chair: Jutta Haider

zoom: Meeting ID: 623 4988 6848

V. 47: 211122 - Jenny Johannisson

"Relationerna mellan (kultur)politik och bibliotek: kunskapsproduktion inom akademin respektive offentlig förvaltning"

Mot bakgrund av att Jenny är verksam vid både BHS och Myndigheten för kulturanalys, vill hon med utgångspunkt i en inledande presentation diskutera följande frågor med seminariet:

  1. Kopplingarna mellan (kultur)politik och bibliotek.
  2. Likheter och skillnader mellan kunskapsproduktion vid ett lärosäte respektive en statlig myndighet.

Språk: Svenska

Chair: Roger Blomgren

Zoom: Meeting ID: 656 3441 0647

V. 48: 211129 - Plan seminar Fereshta Westin

Research plan is available in pingpong or contact Anette Trennedal. 

Language: English

Chair: Jan Nolin

Zoom: Meeting ID: 614 1600 9691