Spring 2019

V. 6: 190204

Final seminar: Berthilde Uwamwezi

Language: English

 In charge of seminar: professor Elena Maceviciute , External commentator: professor Katriina ByströmOsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University


V. 7: 190211

Guest seminar: Sofia Lindström

Title: Participation as relation-creating process. Understanding complexity in young people’s cultural participation through two Swedish case studies.

Cultural policy often stresses the importance participation in relation to children and young people. The aim of this paper is to engage in academic inquiry of understanding the will to empower young people through participation in culture, by exploring two case studies in Gothenburg, Sweden.Transformative aspects found in the organisations analysed entailed measures to challenge different norms regarding 1. The cultural space, 2. Value and quality, 3. The creative young subject, 4. The adult role, and 5. The cultural event. The paper proposes the conception of participation as a relation-creating process with the purpose of distributing power – in this case, from adults to young people. The ambition is that this definition can help both practitioners of cultural projects and cultural policy theorists to embrace the complexity of young people’s cultural participation.

Language: English


V. 9: 190225

Title: GDPR and the research process
Henrik Schmidt will hold a workshop for researchers and PhD students.

Language: English


V. 10: 190304

Guest seminar: Professor Elena Maceviciute and Professor Tom Wilson
Title: Digital reading for digital inclusion
Language: English

The participants of the project presented in the seminar have published some initial texts in English and Lithuanian that consist of literature reviews and analysis of the secondary statistical data about digital divide in Lithuania. Elena and Tom will present the empirical results in the seminar. So far, these have not been published.


Two literature reviews in English are:
Conceptualising the role of digital reading in social and digital inclusion / E.Maceviciute, Z. Manzuch found at informationr.net


V. 13: 190325 - A315

Research seminar: Dr. Björn Hammarfelt presents a manuscript written for the ISKO Encyclopedia of Knowledge Organization (isko.org). Note: this will be a text seminar with focus on discussing a draft manuscript (e.g. no long oral presentation will be provided). The text will be uploaded to ping pong a week before the seminar

Language: English

‘Discipline’ is commonly used to denote particular areas of knowledge, research, and education. Yet, the concept is often not very well defined, or even explicitly discussed when used in Library and Information Science (LIS) and related fields. The aim of this article is to encourage and facilitate further reflections on ‘disciplinarity’, while at the same time offering insights to how this elusive concept might be defined. An overarching argument is that ‘discipline’ foremost should be understood in relation to institutional and organizational features, and this is what distinguishes it from related terms like, field, domain or topic. The paper reviews the etymology and history of the concept, it discusses attempts of defining and conceptualising disciplines, and it offers insights in to how disciplinarity can be studied. Regardless of our views of disciplines – as inherently out-dated constructs, or important features of a well functioning academia – it is concluded that further precision and care in defining the concept is needed.


V. 15: 190408

Guest seminar: Dr. Ari Haasio
Language: English
Chair: Jan Nolin

PhD Ari Haasio works at the Seinäjoki University of Applied Sciences as a Principal lecturer (LIS). His main research interests are information seeking and information behavior, especially in the Tor-network. Haasio has written 45 books and several scientific articles mostly about internet and social media. His thesis “Otherness, information needs and information sharing in the “small world” of the Internet: A study of socially withdrawn people’s information behavior “(2015) was accepted at the University of Tampere. At the moment he is studying the information behavior in Tor-network together with professor J. Tuomas Harviainen and professor emeritus Reijo Savolainen. Haasio is also doing research about the hate speech and fake media.


V. 16: 190415

Research seminar: Linnéa Lindsköld and Jonas Söderholm

Title: KBs förslag till nationell biblioteksstrategi

Language: Swedish

Välkomna till ett seminarium om det nyligen publicerade förslaget till nationell biblioteksstrategi! Kungliga biblioteket fick 2015 regeringsuppdrag att formulera mål och strategier för svenska biblioteks framtida arbete. Vi kommer att gemensamt diskutera den 30-sidiga texten utifrån våra olika perspektiv och intresseområden. Seminarieansvariga håller en kort introduktion, därefter kommer Jenny Lindberg att berätta om den återkoppling på utkastet som representanter för B&I-utbildningarna gav. Merparten av tiden ägnas sedan åt diskussion och reflektion. Läs därför gärna hela eller valda delar av strategin i förväg och förbered frågor och inlägg.

Den slutliga versionen, Demokratins skattkammare, som publicerades 7 mars 2019: urn.kb.se

Information om tillhörande reformpaketet där sex strategiska reformer för att stärka bibliotek presenteras, med prislapp

Sändningen från lanseringen, youtube

Utkastet, Från ord till handling, som publicerades 8 maj 2018: http://nationellbiblioteksstrategi.blogg.kb.se/files/2018/05/Fra%CC%8An_ord_till_handling_WEBB.pdf. Innehåller flertalet intressanta skrivningar som togs bort eller ändrades i slutversionen.


V. 19: 190506

Final seminar: Catarina Eriksson

Time: 14.00

Language: Swedish

(Administrative notes for this seminar, when adequate: In charge of seminar; Chair: Professor Jan Nolin, Senior commentator: Åse Kristine Tveit, OsloMet)


V. 20: 190513

Plan seminar: Marco Schirone

Language: English

(Administrative notes for this seminar, when adequate: In charge of seminar; Chair: Professor Elena Maceviciute, Senior commentator: Professor Jan Nolin, Commentator group: Syed Rahmat Ullah Shah, Hana Marcetic and Björn Ekström)

This seminar might be audio linked with Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda.


V. 21: 190520

Reserved for Jamie Johnston, OsloMet


V. 22: 190603

Reserved for Dr. Katarina Michnik


V. 23: 190610

Mid seminar: Muhebera Bizimana

Language: English

(Administrative notes for this seminar, when adequate: In charge of seminar; Chair:  , Senior commentator: Anna Hampson LundhCommentator group: Maria Idebrant and Kristin Johansson)