Application information: MA in Textile- and Fashion Design, 120 credits

How to apply

  1. Apply at The programme has four specialisations. Feel free to apply for multiple specialisations if you are interested in more than one.
    You need to apply first in order to receive an application number for when you upload your portfolio.
  2. Upload your application portfolio to the upload portal no later than no later than 1 March 2023. 
  3. We must receive the supporting documents before 7 March. Upload the documents to

Admission requirements and selection

  • Bachelors degree in Design consisting of 180 credits, or equivalent.
  • Verified knowledge of the English language. Please visit for information about English language requirements.

An application to the Master's Programme should, in addition to the verified qualifications, contain an application portfolio with an application project, a portfolio, and a list of qualifications, as described below.

Following review of application portfolios and other documentation, a number of applicants will be summoned to interview.  The applications will be reviewed with regard to demonstrated artistic ability, experimental work, critical reflection, and other qualifications. 

The assessment of general entry requirements will take place within the framework of the overall assessment of application portfolios, interview, and other qualifications.

Application portfolio

The application portfolio should contain a portfolio, application project and list of qualifications.

  • Fill out your name etc. and which specialisation you apply for with your portfolio.
  • Upload your application portfolio as a PDF, max 100 MB. You can also add a multimedia file (.mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .avi, .qt,.mov,.mp4) max 40 MB.

The portfolio is to contain a selection of three design projects. These should be presented together with relevant documentation of the work process through photos, sketches or similar. Your artistic, experimental, technical, and critical reflection skills should, as far as possible, be able to be assessed through the visual material.  

Application project
In the application project, describe what you wish to focus on and develop within the framework of your Master's studies. Your interests within the chosen specialisation are to be stated. Complement the description with photos, sketches, relevant earlier work of yours, and references to relevant work of others. This project description will then undergo development during the period of study.

List of qualifications
A short list of qualifications should be supplied which states completed and ongoing education, courses, work, work placements, and other relevant experiences.

Specialisation in Fashion Design

Link to the upload portal will be published on 20 January.

Specialisation in Performance Wear

Link to the upload portal will be published on 20 January.

Specialisation in Textile Design

Link to the upload portal will be published on 20 January.

Specialisation in Textile Interaction Design

Link to the upload portal will be published on 20 January.


The interviews will be conducted digitally during week 17 ( 24 -28 april). The summons for the interviews will be sent through email. 

Admissions results

The admissions results will be published on on 16 May 2023.

In the notification of selection results, you will see if you are offered a place in our programme. Your notification will be accessible online as well as in a printable PDF. If you get admitted but can not attend the programme, you need to decline your offer on your pages at

Tuition Fees

EU/EEA-student: No tuition fee
Non EU/EEA-student: First payment: 138 200 SEK
Full tuition fee: 552 800 SEK 

More information on fees and funding.

Important dates

  • 20 January 2023: Application opens at
  • 1 Mars 2023: Application closes, last day to upload the application portfolio
  • 7 Mars 2023: Deadline for supporting documents and deadline to document fee exemption status or pay application fee
  • Week 17 2023: Online Interviews
  • 16 May 2023: Admission results 


Contact Information

  • For questions about the programme and portfolio please contact Marjan Kooroshnia
  • For further information regarding the application and admission process, please contact the Admissions Office.