Workshops and lectures on academic language

Drop-in support has long been offered in the form of The Language Lab, both physically and on Zoom. There are also different workshops and lectures for anyone who feels they want to learn more. You can choose between:

  • Academic Writing - An Introduction (24 January)
  • Academic Writing - Giving "Cred" the Harvard Way (31 January)
  • Academic Writing - Tips for Editing and Managing Text in Microsoft Office Word (1 March)
  • Academic Writing - Writing in English as Foreign/Second Language (ESL) (20 March)
  • Oral Communication and Presentation Skills - An Introduction (3 April)

Preregistration required, check the dates on the webpage.

Develop your language and writing

—You should participate in these events if you want some tips for shortcuts that help you and develop your academic language so you can do better at your studies, says Johanna Persson, Language Advisor at the university.

The activities are all voluntary and are offered each semester. They will give you a better understanding of what you read, write, and present.

See the spring programme

Current courses, lectures and workshops are listed on the webpage for Language support. You can register for each event at the bottom of the page.

See the spring programme