Access to library services during the coronavirus outbreak

Current restrictions at the Library

The Library is available so that it is possible to borrow and return books. Students are encouraged to conduct self-study at home and not be on the library premises more than absolutely necessary. If you have special reasons, for example if you do not have the opportunity to study from home or if you need special equipment or the network in the university's group rooms and computer rooms, the premises are accessible with access cards.

Library staff are available by phone, email, chat and Zoom. You are very welcome to contact us with your questions!

Opening hours and contact information

Opening hours:
Monday to Friday: 09:00-17:00
Saturday and Sunday: closed

Number of visitors in the Library right now:

Green = Quietly
Yellow = Crowded
Red = Full

Contact information:
Telephone: 033-435 40 50
Chat: Go to library webpage
Ask the Librarian

Restrictions on the premises

In order to reduce the risk of the spread of infection and to make it feel safer to stay on the premises, the following measures have been taken:

  • The lounge area is closed
  • Contact with the information point takes place at a distance through plexiglass
  • Information on keeping your distance and maintaining hand hygiene is available
  • Hand alcohol is available

Activities conducted digitally

The following activities will continue to be conducted digitally in the first instance (via Zoom):

Borrowing and returning books

If you need to borrow books, come to the library and pick up the books you want to borrow on the shelf, and borrow them at the lending station.

Books are returned in the return machine. It is available according to the library's opening hours and around the clock for those who have an access chip. If you do not have the opportunity to come here to return books, it is possible to send the books by mail.

The electronic library

The main part of the Library collections, besides the printed material, are available on the website.

More information

The restrictions applies until further notice. Please keep updated by the university website.

It is important to remember to keep your distance and take care of hand hygiene when visiting the library. Together we can reduce the spread of infection. If you feel sick, please stay at home.