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The concept behind the menu comes from the restaurant world: the idea is to decide if you want a three-course presentation or just one or two "dishes". It's up to you to decide — but please ensure you include a main course in your request.

You are welcome to suggest times and dates for the presentation in the comment box below.


Appetizers (~5 minutes):

1.Open Access with one click – Learn how to add browser extension buttons that will help you easily find open versions of paywalled papers.
2. Open Access for Dummies – Five bullet points about Open Access.
3. How to Handle the h-index? – What is h-index, and what does it really say about your research?
4. Think, Check, Submit! – Quick tips for publishing in an unknown journal.
5. Fair Research Data – Is there unfair data? What does FAIR stand or?

Mains (~20 minutes):

1. How can I get hold of a paywalled paper? – We explain what resources and strategies you can use to find open versions of paywalled scientific publications.
2. What is Open Access? – We present the principles behind Open Access and what they look like in practice.
3. All these indicators—what do they really mean? – We go through some bibliometric indicators used to describe research results and journals. What should you keep in mind when you see them used?
4. Where can our research be found? – We talk about how research papers are dissiminated from journals to searchable databases.
5. Dubious publishers — How do I call their bluff? – We present a toolkit to evaluate journals you are unfamiliar with.
6. No-cost publishing in established journals? – It's possible! We go through the University's agreements with various publishers that allow you to publish papers for free. 
7. Which journal?! – We describe ways of finding and evaluating new journals that might suit your research area.
8. How do we make our publications open and accessible? – Various ways of making a paper open access.
9. Help! I need a DMP! – We describe what a data management plan is, and give you tools so that you can go on to develop one.
10. Your choice! – You decide the contents and we deliver the presentation. Specify what you want the presentation to be about in the comment field below.

Desserts (~5 minutes):

1. How open are our papers? – You get a quick analysis of the Open Access status of your publications.
2. Give me a donut! – We talk about the colourful Altmetrics donut you can see listed with publications in some databases.
3. Real examples of fake journals – We look at a selection of highly dubious publications.
4. How Gustav got his data – We tell the true tale of Gustav's meta analysis.

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