BHS-seminariet | Elisabeth Gebka (BHS)

Open Data in Cities: A Role Perspective on Misalignments in an Open Data Value Chain.

Elisabeth Gebka presenterar sin avhandling som hon försvarade 2022 vid university of Namur, Belgien. I avhandlingen undersöks öppen data i städer ur ett ledningsperspektiv.

Språk: Engelska.
Chair: Veronica Johansson

Abstract: Nowadays, municipalities are encouraged to publish their data as “open data”, data that can be freely used, re-used, and redistributed by anyone for any purpose. The higher purpose is to create value through innovation, participation in governance, and transparency. However, open data is not reaching full fruition. In cities, the roles of the citizens, end-users and municipalities in open data initiatives are ambiguous, and the participation of laypersons is scarce. I suspect that it can be a source of misalignments in the value chain. Hence, my thesis purpose is to explore the concept of role to bring new insights into the possible misalignments in an open data value chain. I focus on the fuzzy citizens’ roles in open data initiatives, the diverse municipalities’ roles and their expectations towards their users, and the lack of end-user involvement and integration of their information needs. I then discuss the findings in relation to the possible misalignments identified in the value chain.