BHS-seminariet | Ole Olesen-Bagneux

The Enterprise Search Revolution: Data Catalogs are Becoming Search Engines for Companies.

Beskrivning (endast engelska): Ole Olesen-Bagneux holds a PhD from the University of Copenhagen. He works as an Enterprise Architect in GN Store Nord, in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here analyses modern data technologies and delivers strategic advisory on their usage, taking into account the overall IT Landscape of GN Store Nord. He is the author of The Enterprise Data Catalog, published by O'Reilly. Data Catalogs are like search engines, only, they push/pull and index metadata not from the web, but from IT-systems in companies. As a quite complex technology, data catalogs have not been well understood. However, in the last decade, data catalogs have evolved significantly, and it is now becoming a realistic scenario that companies will soon be equipped with a search engine - the data catalog - for all the data that resides inside their IT systems.

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