Kompetensutveckling: Giving Feedback: Why, When and How?

Välkommen till en kompetensutvecklingsinsats öppen till alla lärare på högskolan.

Anna Ekman, Språkandledare vid Biblioteket, håller i workshoppen. Aktiviteten sker inom ramen för Academic Communication, högskolans forum för kompetensutveckling inom muntlig och skriftlig kommunikation på engelska.

Giving Feedback: Why, When and How?

Ever felt overwhelmed by all the demands on response from your students? Wondered if they did not read any of your well formulated comments and suggestions? Or if you simply have students who do not understand how to use feedback -and in that case, who should teach them that?

In this workshop, we will use our collective experiences to find reasons for starting or continuing to give feedback. We will also look at when to use feedback in your daily work and courses to make a difference. Lastly, I will suggest ways to communicate feedback in different situations to develop motivation and learning.

Theoretical background to this workshop is Hattie, Dylan and Dweck who all focus on education together with methods for coaching from the areas of business and sports.

Ingen föränmälan. Välkommen!

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