Collaboration with universities

The participants

One year later two teachers Dr Angelika Zegelin and Dr Irma Schminke, and six students; Gisela Zebe, Tanja Segmüller, Kirsten Kolling, Stina Rausch, Stefan Juchems and Martin Dichter on bachelor and master level visited Borås from 28/5 – 1/6. During this period two Jordanien teachers Dr Jehad Halabi and Maysoon Abdelrahim also visited the School of Health Sciences through a Linnaeus Palme project lead by Dr Anders Jonsson. Also Swedish doctoral an master students; Karin Högberg, Sepideh Olausson, Jonas Karlsson, Anders Bremer and Elisabeth Lindberg participated in a workshop on the 29 and 30 May.The workshop

The workshop

included drama pedagogy and conflict resolution in health care settings. Furthermore research projects, Nursing Education in Germany, Sweden and Jordan was presented. All participants presented and for some students it was the first time they presented in English. Similarities, differences and ideas were explored between the countries. It was noticed that nurses, patient, students and academic staff deal with similar dilemmas and problems. However the organisation and structure of Health Care and Nursing Education differs between the countries.

Future plans

This international collaboration in Borås resulted in plans for writing several research articles, a visit to Germany spring 2009 and participation in the third Jordanian Nursing Conference JNC in 2010. See